Leslie Dworkin LMT

Leslie is a licensed medical massage practitioner and integrative bodywork practitioner who blends a variety of modalities with skillful, intuitive touch that promote deep awareness, relaxation, healing, and a reduction of stress and pain. Bringing twenty-five years of embodied experience as a professional dance artist and educator to her practice, Leslie is dedicated to providing clients with a supportive environment to promote health and wellness. Tailored to your needs, sessions may blend energy work with Swedish and therapeutic massage, Table Thai Yoga Massage, and the TragerApproach. Leslie is also a Lee Holden certified Qigong instructor, a certified Yoga instructor, and has been both performing and teaching internationally since 1998.

Sessions: $75

Services may include:


Traditional & Swedish Massage

Swedish and traditional massage techniques to promote increased circulation and immune function; relief from muscular spasms and pain; relaxation; ease from headaches, back and neck pain; increased injury recovery time; and injury prevention.


yoga massage

Thai yoga massage, done on the massage table, incorporates rhythmic motion, acupressure, and gentle, yoga-like stretching—creating a slow, flowing ‘dance’. It balances the body’s energy flow while relieving muscular tension, calming the mind, and boosting the immune system. One of its unique guiding principles is that of ‘metta’—the Buddhist practice of loving kindness.   


Zen of body work

The Trager Approach is called the ‘zen of bodywork’. It uses gentle rocking motion, supporting the joints and weight of the body, to distill unhealthy tension patterns in the body and mind. The logo for Trager is a Chinese character that means ‘dancing cloud’ because of the lightness and joy one feels after a session! The Trager Approach has been reported to ease a wide range of conditions including:

• limited movement

• back pain

• depression

• sports and other injuries

• carpal tunnel syndrome

• back and neck pain

• everyday aches and pains

• muscle spasms

• headaches

• physical/emotional trauma

• cerebral palsy

• Parkinson’s disease

• fibromyalgia