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ixchel studios

Fabulous rehabbed furniture.

Fashionable & Unique Skinny Ties.

‎Ileana Del Campo-Gray is the owner and artist of Ixchel Studios. She is an accomplished entrepreneur with a back ground in Graphic Design. You will not be disappointed when you visit her studio, showcasing skinny ties, beautiful furniture, jewelry, textile art and more. Ileana is wildly creative and loves to branch out and try new things so you'll want to keep coming back to see what's new!


Leslie Dworkin

Leslie is a licensed medical massage practitioner and integrative bodywork practitioner who blends a variety of modalities with skillful, intuitive touch that promote deep awareness, relaxation, healing, and a reduction of stress and pain. Bringing twenty-five years of embodied experience as a professional dance artist and educator to her practice, Leslie is dedicated to providing clients with a supportive environment to promote health and wellness. Tailored to your needs, sessions may blend energy work with Swedish and therapeutic massage, Table Thai Yoga Massage, and the TragerApproach. Leslie is also a Lee Holden certified Qigong instructor, a certified Yoga instructor, and has been both performing and teaching internationally since 1998.

Sessions: $75

Services may include:

Swedish and traditional massage techniques to promote increased circulation and immune function; relief from muscular spasms and pain; relaxation; ease from headaches, back and neck pain; increased injury recovery time; and injury prevention.

Thai yoga massage, done on the massage table, incorporates rhythmic motion, acupressure, and gentle, yoga-like stretching—creating a slow, flowing ‘dance’. It balances the body’s energy flow while relieving muscular tension, calming the mind, and boosting the immune system. One of its unique guiding principles is that of ‘metta’—the Buddhist practice of loving kindness.   

The Trager Approach is called the ‘zen of bodywork’. It uses gentle rocking motion, supporting the joints and weight of the body, to distill unhealthy tension patterns in the body and mind. The logo for Trager is a Chinese character that means ‘dancing cloud’ because of the lightness and joy one feels after a session! The Trager Approach has been reported to ease a wide range of conditions including:

• limited movement

• back pain

• depression

• sports and other injuries

• carpal tunnel syndrome

• back and neck pain

• everyday aches and pains

• muscle spasms

• headaches

• physical/emotional trauma

• cerebral palsy

• Parkinson’s disease

• fibromyalgia


Kate edmondson LE

I am a clinically trained, 13-year Esthetician with advanced education in holistic wellness including nutrition, coaching, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, and natural solutions.


Rachel Botting



Sense of Healing

Michelle Hickman, Certified Holistic Practitioner, is the owner of Sense of Healing.

What is Biofield Tuning (Energy Healing)?

When your body’s natural energy flows freely, and the right information is being communicated to your body, you can heal. Just like a musical instrument gets out of tune, so does our body. Stress, accidents, injuries and traumas put noise in our signal and make us out of tune causing dis-ease. We know that the body is physical, when we think of bones or organs and we know its chemical when we think of hormones or blood, but we often overlook that we are also are electrical. Energy systems regulate our organs, nervous system, heart, and brain. A Biofield Tuning session tunes up your body with a combination of Sound Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and my empathic gift of Guidance.

How can Energy Healing help you?

Healing Support during cancer treatments and recovery, Thyroid Balance, Anxiety and Depression Relief, Support Immune System, Lymphatic Drainage, Hormonal Imbalances, Diabetic Neuropathy, Digestive Disorders, Creative Living, Mental Clarity, Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Migraine Relief, and so much more!

All of us need help at times. It could be we feel “stuck in a rut” or have come to the point where we want to take our health to a better place or we just need a break and relax. Sense of Healing sessions offer the help you need. Using a firm pressure, the body reflexes are stimulated. Essential oils and tuning forks are also used to promote relaxation and healing. Healing frequencies work along the nervous system to clear any blockages. With stress removed and circulation enhanced, the body is then able to return to balance. Energy Healing sessions complement ongoing medical treatments, recovery and are for people of all ages.


Biofield Tuning $90 for 60min

This session creates deep healing and can release traumas that are stuck in your field, calm the nervous system, and harmonize the body’s natural resonances. Healing frequencies balance energy in and around your body. These vibrations help clear blocks from your energy field, which can create pain and inflammation in the physical body. With stress removed and circulation enhanced, the body is then able to return to relaxed state and do what it’s meant to do, heal! During this session you are fully clothed while I use a combination of tools such as Tuning Forks (Full Solfeggio Scale plus Body Tuners) Reflexology, Reiki, Essential oils, and Therapeutic Biomat to balance your energy (biofield).

Mini Healing Sessions $20 for 15 min

Do you want a unique offering for a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette party, spa day, or wellness fair? This session creates relaxation and balance for your body. It is a sample healing session where Reflexology, Reiki, Essential Oils and Tuning Forks are used in combination to heal.

Group Healing $25 per person, 2hours, 10-20 people.

Recharge and balance your energy to feel good everyday! Take a moment to breathe, connect, and heal. Connecting within a group enhances your energy, body and spirit. Reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. We will gather in a circle, then relax (seated or laying down) while being guided in short meditation. During the meditation your guides will create healing space individually and for the group, including Biofield Tuning, Reiki and Massage.


cathartic slant

Wendy Wagener-Harris is an artist, maker, and teacher. She works out of her home studio in Xenia, OH and at tend&flourish in Dayton, OH.

While she is always interested in learning new media and techniques, painting, paper crafting, and collage are her main foci.

Originally a watercolor painter, mixed media and painting workshops renewed her interest in acrylics. A long time love of painting has spawned a variety of series. After a time focusing on geometric and natural forms, an opportunity to participate in “The Sketchbook Project” through the Brooklyn Art Library, NYC presented itself. This prompted a new series of underwater, surrealistic pieces entitled “Uncharted Waters.” Wendy’s sketchbook is on permanent collection in the library in Brooklyn, and can be checked out for viewing.

The multidimensional and sensory experience the art of paper craft brings, is a temptation Wendy cannot resist. Creating cards, gift packaging, books, and other items for daily use provide a lovely diversion and break from other projects. Many items go into creating these often one of a kind pieces including recycled images and text, hand printed images/papers, and unique papers purchased from small, independent paper shops.

Collage is her latest obsession. All images are hand cut (analog) and reassembled into new, imagined landscapes. Her goal is to create a surrealistic atmosphere that could be amusing, enticing, or contemplative.

Wendy’s work can be viewed online on Facebook and Instagram under her business name, Cathartic Slant, and in person at tend&flourish. Wendy’s studio is open by appointment.


jes mcmillan mosaics

I completed my first mosaic at age 16 in a high school art class. We fit like puzzle pieces and I have been doing it now for longer than I haven't. 2018 marks my 20th year as a mosaic artist and I am proud to call myself a humanitarian artist.

Along the journey I discovered that my purpose is to use my gift to bring people together in the creation of collaborative art. The idea is to break down the social barriers between us, bringing people of all differences together, teach them the art of mosaic and work together to create beautiful things. And for each of the murals to serve as a physical representation of unity.

In April 2015, I founded the Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton, nonprofit, to become the vehicle for my work. In the last 3 years I have lead our tiny organization to create over 20 murals, painted and mosaic, with the community.

In my career as a mosaic artist, community has been the focus of my work for over a decade. At this point thousands of people have sat at my table. People of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and race have placed mosaic pieces in the spirit of unity in hopes of doing good and improving the world we live in. The motto I live by and believe with all my heart is

"Those who can have the responsibility to..." 

It has not been an easy road, as any humanitarian effort comes with challenges and often hardship. But to serve others in love and with my passion has been the most wonderful and rewarding experience of my life. None of which would be possible, if not for the most wonderful people in my life who hold me up and encourage me daily.

The Mosaic Institute has grown into a team of amazing artists, musicians, creatives and people who wish to do good for others. We have had many awesome and meaningful adventures so far. Just imagine all that we can and will accomplish together. In a world of such division unity is more important than ever!